China Travels II
Spring Break, 1986
During the monthlong Spring Break I travelled to Guilin,
Kunming and Guangzhou, then to Hong Kong and Taiwan.
At the airport in Kunming, I learned of the Challenger disaster.

At Spring break, we traveled to Kunming, the city of eternal spring, where camelias were blooming

"The Dragon's Mouth" in the cliffs above Lake Dian Shi by Kunming

Up through the dragon's body and out of the Dragon's Mouth

These old ladies had their feet bound as children.

A gaucho serenades us at the Dragon's Mouth

The Telephone Company--the newest & tallest building in Kunming in 1986

Green Lake in the Morning mist

Green Lake, Kunming

Kunming had many old buildings

A flower show on Green Lake

Performing Monkey in a Kunming Street

There were charming back alleys in Kunming

The White Swan--our hotel in Guangzhou

We took a boat ride on Lake Dian Shi

Cats in a food market in Guangzhou for the Year of the Tiger.

Guanzhou is the place to buy ceramics

On the bus--candy art.

Hong Kong at New Years

Traditional Chinese boatyard, Hong Kong

At a floating restaurant in Hong Kong

Stanley Harbor, Hong Kong

Hong Kong in 1986, seen from Victoria Peak

In the mountains of Taiwan I got into native costume.

Teenagers shopping in Taipei in 1986

Rice terraces in the beautiful mountains of central Taiwan

Reunion with my friend Liang Jiin-Guang, who got an MA in English from CSU in 1984.

That building I am posing before is the Palace Museum in Taipei, where all the treasures from the Forbidden City were brought in 1949 by the Nationalists. a

Villagers in the central mountains celebrate the Spring festival in native dances.

Jack Cannuli and his friend Pat Hogan, SVD missionaries

Sheraton Lai Lai Hotel in Taipei, the best hotel in 1986

Liang JiinGuang with his wife Julie and their children Sophie and David

How can I ever recapture the excitement of constant discovery that I felt that year in China.

I am grateful to those who made that year so memorable.

Sophie Liang visiting me in Chicago in 2006

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