China Travels, Second Semester, 1986

We continued to travel on holidays or long weekends.
Our Waiban took any of the foreign teachers who wanted to go on several trips,
first to Yangzhou, where the Yangtse and the Grand Canal meet,
then, over the long May 1 break, to beautiful Hangzhou.
Highlights were boating on West Lake, visiting the birthplace of Lu Xun,
seeing Shaoxing, the favorite retreat of many writers.
In June some of us returned to Wuxi and Lake Tai for one last weekend.
After classes were finished I went to Xian and Beijing, then home by way of Japan.

Yangzhou was a surprise--a miniature Hangzhou, with pavilions and a little "West Lake." Besides the thousand kinds of baozis (dumplings) there were pavilions and gardens, boating and fishing.

Fisherman with gear near Shouxi Hu (Slender West Lake), Yangzhou

Jianzhen Memorial Hall in Yangzhou,
modelled after Toshodai Temple in Nara

Pavilion in the He Garden in Yangzhou

Boating on Shouxi Hu

Plowman with his buffalo near Yangzhou

I love Chinese poetry so I was glad to visit Shaoxing, where famous poets came to drink wine, enjoy the scenery, and write poems and hang out at Orchid Pavilion.


Orchid Pavilion, the poets' hangout, Shaoxing

Lu Xun's birthplace and museum

Three Pools Mirroring the Moon-
West Lake, Hangzhou

Six Harmonies Pagoda

Boating on West Lake, Hangzhou

Playing UNO late into the night at our hotel in Hangzhou.

June in Wuxi gardens.

Dragon Boats on Taihu were the epitome of luxury.

Soaking up the luxury on a Dragon Boat on Lake Tai in Wuxi.

China, I love it!

Roadside Noodles and Dumplings beside Lake Tai

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